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All vacuum tubes are guaranteed to be free of defects for 90 days. This excludes use outside of the manufacturer's limits, open filaments, or breakage. Regarding refunds and returns, the following policies are to be followed:

Any defective valve must be returned within 90 days. I will issue a refund or replacement on defective valves only. The definition of a defective valve is that it does not meet the minimum tube handbook specifications. I fully test all tubes on my calibrated instruments for these specifications before I ship. Any tube that passes before shipping but fails when returned them may not qualify for credit as this suggests that the tube was used outside of the manufacturers' limits.

All audio preamplifier tubes are fully checked before shipment. I cannot guarantee that all tubes will be 100% non-microphonic, nor noise-free. This requires expensive equipment that will add to the cost of the vacuum tube in question. You may return an audio preamplifier tube if you don't like the sound, but this return is subject to a 15 percent restocking fee, less shipping. Any tube returned with damaged logos or damaged boxes will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

All returns and refunds are at the sole discretion of the owner, after inspection of the returned goods.

Refunds are via check only. No exceptions.

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January 13, 2000

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